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Give Me Stout or Give Me Death by Stone Brewing

Winter brings thoughts of cold breezes and short days with an occasional snow storm to create a winter wonderland. (OK, I admit it, as a Left Coaster from California, that is great for about two days, but then getting into my surf gear begins acting up.) However, the idea still remains for most of the country of that same bit of winter.

Give Me Stout or Give Me Death: A great stout by Stone Brewing, Hardywood Park Craft Brewing and Ardent Craft Ales

Tie into this view of winter a good glass of stout, pure and heavy. The kind of beer you share with your friends on the cold winters night. It is heavy and feels like another meal was ingested. Stout feels good going down and makes you warm all over, even as you strap on your jacket and boots for the trip home. On the coldest of nights, a stout can really feels like a great companion.

On the coldest of winter nights, the Give Me Stout Or Give Me Death by Stone Brewing ( really comes to the fore. With an ABV of 9.5% and 94 IBU and done with a combination of Belma and Nugget hops, Give Me Stout Or Give Me Death comes across with a full brewers approach to eliminating the evils of modern brewing.

Done in cooperation with Ardent Craft Ales and Hardywood Park Craft Brewing, both in Richmond, VA, this brew represents what happens when you don’t take a single approach to getting hops out of your beer, but rather take a multi-varied approach to the problem.

You have a smooth and subtle approach with hop base which is strong but not overly biting. The beer starts slowly and works its way up to having a strong flavor, so by the end, you have a nice, pleasant, taste of stout. It is really wonderful to have experienced.

So the next time you have that urge to head out into the cold wintery afternoon (or it is looking good on TV before heading to the beach), crack open a Give Me Stout or Give Me Death by Stone Brewing. You will soon be safe as the winter blows right around you.