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On the Road Again – Smoketown Brewing Station

It was time to get out on the road again and see what treats are offered on our nation’s countryside. So I looked up and down the Virginia/Maryland border and ventured to find the town of Brunswick, MD. The town of Brunswick is pretty small and is pock-marked with homes and railroads¬†from around the turn of the century. After making a number of plunges down to the bottom of ravines cleverly shaped as streets, I came out on a street that was barely wide enough to hold two vehicles. This street, Potomac Street, (is divided into an east and west) is where I found Smoketown Brewing Station.

Smoketown Brewing Station (223 West Potomac Street, Brunswick, MD, 21716 V: 301-834-4828; is a recently remodeled fire house. The architecture and the design really bring it to bear, but you have to step back across the street to be hit with fact. As it was constructed, the fire house is in sections and there are some rather odd decorations, such as the men’s room being on the outside of the building, and the depth of the building which is impressive. I went to the second level of doors to order my beer and to take up a seat. (The front and the outdoor seating were completely taken with patrons.) I got my beer (more on that in a moment) and then got up to stroll around a take pictures.

Because of the time of day, I went to the front of the building first to capture it, and the people in the outdoor seating area starting calling to me about the fact that I had a camera. When I responded to them, it turned out that they were there to celebrate someone’s passing – it was a wake! These people were giving up there Saturday night to dedicate it to a 72 year old woman, who as it turned out, had been involved in several charities and boards in the town and had never told anyone. Not a soul. So, this celebration was a part to recognize all of this woman’s contributions as well as her warm smile. I took photos of the group and have posted them here and hope that the group will recognize this small point of recognition.

Now, onto the beer. First though, recognize, that in a small

Smoketown Brewing Station Raspberry Mother Puckers

town such as Brunswick, MD, craft made beer is a treat because it is going to be put up against the macro brew beer. So, by a matter of cause, this is going to be better than the macro brew beer in some quarters. So, I asked for a Raspberry Mother Pucker. This beer came with a 6.2% ABV, color was a dark copper, the aroma was light raspberries and a mild hop. The taste however, was light and a bit on the flavorless side. It couldn’t quite pull it off, either as a raspberry fruit beer or as a witbier. It was a good attempt, and pretty good for craft beer, but on the grand scale, it just couldn’t quite cut it. I gave it 3 stars on Untappd.

After a plate of chicken taquitos and basic wings, I ventured again into the world of American Hefeweizen. Even though this one was titled “German Crossing Hefeweizen,” I have gone on before about the difference between American and German Hefeweizen, and this is American Hefeweizen. It is a 5.2% ABV and 17 IBU with a color of murky gold. It has an aroma that is lightly hopped and a really weak flavor of bananas. The taste is unfortunately weak and the bananas (or banana flavoring)¬† doesn’t really come to its help in any form. For American Hefeweizen, it is OK, but not much beyond that. The whole mess needs to be re-thought if it is going to be German Hefeweizen. I gave it 2 1/2 stars on Untappd.

The whole experience at Smoketown Brewing Station was an eye opener – people take their craft beer seriously and will defend their outlets. But more importantly, they take each other comically, laughingly, tenderly and seriously all in one and there in lies the beauty of small towns.