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On the Road Again – Two Up Two Down by Commonwealth Brewing Company

It is nice when you find a beer that fits the very mood that you are in. You just close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, the cool breeze from the wind on your cheek and the cold ripple of the liquid moving across your lips and into your mouth. Beer is good!

This is the sensation of having a Two Up Two Down sour gose by Commonwealth Brewing Company (2444 Pleasure House Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 Voice: (757) 305-9652 this evening at High Side Craft Brewing. All I am missing is my honey.

sour gost
Two Up Two Down Commonwealth Brewing Company sour – gose

The Two Up Two Down is a ABV of 6.8% with a murky gold color. The aroma is a sour lemon with a slight hint of grapefruit and nectarine. The taste is more of the same with sour coming through on the lemon and grapefruit at first and then comes the nectarine and it finishes up with an apple. The tail end is smooth. The mixture is really well done and more sour goses should try to emulate the mixture that Commonwealth has formulated. It is really good.

The Two Up Two Down will take you back to those heady days of summer. The taste is light and fruity – just a nice reminder of why you ordered a sour gose. Sit back, you and your honey, and watch the sun going down with this great beer easily within reach. That is what summer is for.


Commonwealth Brew Co.

2444 Pleasure House Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Voice: (757) 305-9652

Mon-Wed 3pm – 10pm

Thursday 3pm-11pm

Fri 3pm – 12am

Sat 11am – 12am

Sun 11am – 9pm







Four Corners – Easter Island

OK, I come from the Left Coast. Specifically, Piedmont, CA, which you won’t find on anything but a detailed map of the San Francisco Bay Area. We like our anonymity because it is a small town and we like to keep it that way.

But people in Piedmont like to travel. If there is a corner of the world, someone from Piedmont or associated with Piedmont has been there.

So, in the midst of my beer blogging, I get a message from Mr. Rich Kitchen. Mr. Kitchens served as one of the gatekeepers coming out of Piedmont High School. For a lot of us, if you didn’t pass Kitchens class, you weren’t going to be leaving Piedmont.

Mr. Kitchens, and his beautiful wife Carol, who also taught for a while at Piedmont (still trying to figure that one out – nice going Mr. K!) send a note from Easter Island in the South Pacific that they are visiting. And then a second note with a picture of a beer from Easter Island! Yeah, Easter Island, addressed to me and for incorporation into the blog.

Mahina Pale Ale is bottled at Cerveceria Rapa Nui at Hanga Roa which is on Easter Island and it under the administration of Republic of Chile. It has a rich peach and apple taste taste combined hop flavor.

So, here is the beer shot:

A little Mahina Beer from Easter Island.

Thanks a lot, Mr. Kitchens!

Kriek (cherry) Boon by Brouwerij Boon

“Sweet nectar of life.”

At least that is what my nose was suggesting to me as I opened the bottle and poured it into the glass in front of a roaring fire place. Slowly, carefully, until you get every last drop of that wonderful bit of life giving manana from heaven.

Kriek Boon (Cherry Flavored Beer) by Brouwerij Boon

Yeah, that was the night I had Kriek Boon by Brouwerij Boon ( and it was like having cherry soda. Not pure cherry juice, but simply cherry soda. ABV of 4% but you wouldn’t notice it as the alcohol was hidden from detection. From first taste to last taste, it was the same flavor. Just simple, a little fizz, some real cherry taste and a little fizz to close it out. It was so good and just like that, it was gone. A nice dark red color to the body, a little bit of foam and that really good cherry soda smell. So good!

I gave it a four and a quarter stars on Untappd.