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On the Road – Systema Natvrae – Devilwood and Apricot by D9 Brewing Company

OK, apricots and I have an agreement. I don’t like them and they don’t like me. It goes way back to having to climb the apricot tree in the backyard, sorting them out and picking the ripe ones. This applies as well to apricots in beer. But lately, I have begun to notice that apricots in beer are not so bad. So, when I tried decided to try an apricot beer, my inner voice said, “Go for it – this may not be bad!”

Devilwood & Apricot makes a pretty delicious mix

The Systema Natvrae – Devilwood and Apricot by D9 Brewing Company (11138-C Treynorth Drive, Cornelius, NC 28031 Voice: 704-457-9368 Web: was not only nice but an apricot brew that I would like to drink again. The apricot was soured, so I had an advantage going into to the battle, but the key was the Devilwood which lent a unique and soured taste to the brew. It stayed with the beer as well, so it was not a “one hit wonder”, but rather a really unique flavor that makes you want to have another.

ABV: 6.3%


Color: Semi-opaque light brown

Aroma: Apricot

Score on Untappd: 3.75 stars


On the Road Again…Cocoborealis by Chaos Mountain Brewing

Cocoborealis, by Chaos Mountain Brewing

ABV: 6% 31 IBU Color: Dark Aroma: Dark chocolate
Taste: A slight dark chocolate taste, but nothing remarkable. A cavalcade of mild hops that manage to keep it balanced, but other than that there is more in the name than there is in the taste. Another in a long line of chocolate stouts that claim to offer more than they have.

Purchased at Spacebar as a draft. 3 stars on Untappd.

Tomorrow: DC Brew Festival

Tomorrow is the DC Brew Festival at Nationals Park in the District

The DC Beer Festival returns to Nationals Park, bringing together dozens of craft breweries that will feature fall seasonal beers, plus food trucks, lawn games, DJs, and more throughout the park.

Admission is $45 and includes unlimited tastings, with food sold separately from a number of food trucks. Admission is 12-3pm or 5-8pm.

Tomorrow: Baltimore Craft Beer Festival

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the Baltimore Craft Beer Festival!

Canton Waterfront Park
3001 Boston Street, Baltimore, MD
12:00-1:30 PM • VIP HOUR
1:30-5 PM • General Admission
1:30-4:30 PM • Homebrew Judging

Last Call at 4:45pm Event held rain or shine. Tickets are nonrefundable. Valid ID required for entry. Small, well-behaved pets on leashes will be allowed

The Corridor

Craft Beer Makes Its Entrance into the Mainstream

Lately, I have been taking the train (or driving) down and back up on a section of I-95 that I have been referring to as “The Corridor.” From Washington, DC down to Richmond, VA and finally down to Fayetteville, NC, it is pretty much a straight shot. As you can imagine, there are some pretty boring sections and there are parts that make you sit up and say “hmm.” Remind me to tell you that part about three big Confederate flags sometime…

So, one Monday morning, I got out my electronic beer map and decided to see what breweries had been developed along with the interstate. Surprise! Outside of the section from Washington to Richmond, there was not much developed at all. (Raleigh, NC will be covered separately because I do go that way on occasion) So, with that in mind, I am going to fill in all of the breweries along the Corridor and give a brief glimpse of those that I have been able to visit on my journeys. Some are pretty interesting, and some I have a hard time qualify as breweries.