I am Brian Smith and welcome to AllThatsBrewed.com. I hope you will find this “About…” page interesting and useful.


I decided to launch this site because, well, I really like beer.   So, lets you and I sit back, have a pint and I will tell you how and why I started this website.

I have been “sipping” my way through Olympia and Hamm’s since I was about 5 or so. When we went to Grandma and Grandpa Smith’s for a family function, I could usually get a mouthful of suds. At home, my Dad would send me inside for an Olympia and if I brought it quickly, I could get a taste. Not a bad exchange, in my book.

I was there for the opening of the “Beer Renaissance”, a time when we moved beyond the few beer licenses and actually got back to having a thriving beer (and for that matter, wine) industry. It was a learning experience because when someone said beer in 1977, they meant lager, light, tasteless lager.  There had to be more than that to recapture that old days. President Carter took off the blinders and it took a while to see that we had a ways to go, but range was open.

I had a relationship with lager, but ale was new to me and the beer market was changing. Anchor Steam had survived the storm of Prohibition, the Great Depression and the Second World War and was still barely producing in 1969 when Fritz Maytag took it over. It held out that there was still hope to be found in the American beer scene.

When I got to drinking age, Anchor Steam Beer Company cured me of the “Budweiser Blues.” Sierra Nevada Brewing Company was just starting to make its way out of Chico, CA with its Pale Ale and Warsteiner was the Queen of the Rhine.  Living in the area of the Nation’s Capital for the last few years has put me in an area that was ready to expand and the number of beers here is amazing. The Golden Age of Beer was just beginning and I hope that the intervening 30 years have provided interest and insight with my story telling.

I have a scoring method for my beer (see the page on “Scoring” for more details) and I have tried to maintain an even keeled approach to giving a rating to the beers I have tried. At last count, I had 3,500 different beers and these have occupied all colors (or flavors) of the rainbow.  (You can check me out on Untappd at MasterofLittleMovements.) There are over 6,000 breweries in the United States now, and that it is a lot more than the hundred that existed in 1987. Things have changed, but certain things have stayed the same. A table with good friends and a pint for each and life is pretty good.

By the way, thanks goes to out to lots of people who have provided insight and laughter along the way. Never a good story without the characters I have run into and with whom I have split a pint. Special thanks to Linda Wilkens for helping out with the title. Never let it be said that comfortable drives in the country can’t be useful.


What is brewing with you?