Craft Beer Makes Its Entrance into the Mainstream

Welcome to All That’s Brewed.  I hope that you will find this “About…” page interesting and useful.

The purpose of this page is to explain why I decided to launch this beer page. Well, that is easy – I really like beer.

I come from that traditional of American families and how they related to beer – one liked beer and the other did not care for it. (One was from the North – those crazy Swedes! – and the other was from Texas/Missouri.) This made it really easy to discern what was and was not a beer induced action.

Also, I am the youngest of the cousins on both sides, so I could sit back and watch the good and the bad effects of beer.  Believe me, there were many and beer just didn’t slowly open the door, it kicked it down. It was also the time when President Carter signed the home brewing legislation into action, so I began to see the transformation of brewing into the art it is today. It is a good time to be alive!

Now, I know what you are thinking – yes, I do like beer.  I grew up on sips of my Dad’s Olympia when I was old enough to run a beer out to him.  By the time I could drink beer at 21, I had a reasonable relationship with lager and ale. Hopefully, I have managed to maintain it.

The purpose of the blog, as I said, is simple. Through a combination of lots of tidbits of information and the formulation of a couple of theories, we will be able to advance the science of bubbling goodness as it moves forward.

By the way, thanks goes to Linda Wilkens for helping out with the title. Never let it be said that comfortable drives in the country can’t be useful.

What is brewing with you?