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Beer: An American History
Beer: An American History

There is often a lament that there is no museum for beer. There are ample museum for brands of a beer – there is ones for Budweiser, Heineken and Guinness and make big money for those brands. But one for beer in general has been one of constant sorry. Until now.

The National Museum of American History, (Constitution Ave, NW & 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20004, 10;00am – 5;30pm, V: 202-633-1000) better thought of as the Smithsonian Museum, has recently added a beer section to its wine section. I visited this museum yesterday and It is everything you could want in a museum that is this compact and ready for consumption. Hidden in the Food Section (as opposed to the Water Section), the Beer Section is says pretty much what you want about beer.

Brewing a Revolution
Beginning in the 1980s, “micro” eventually called “craft” – breweries spread throughout the country.

There is a theme to the museum and it largely centers around Fritz Maytag and the Anchor Brewery. Anchor Steam Beer has been brewed for 125 years and was set to go on the block before Fritz Maytag stepped in and saved it in 1969. While there is a lot of pictures of a lot of brewers, none of them dominate Maytag. His coverall is captured in the display. It was his brew that I broke my cherry with in 1988 and have always heald closely to all these years. Beside, Anchor Steam Beer is the only beer to be brewed with steam!

The Alchemist in Detail
The Alchemist in Detail

Though I have tried to capture the whole beer section of the Smithsonian, you should go a see it for yourself. It is small, but it is an honest attempt to thrown it arms around a major piece of American culture.


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