VainGlory by Crooked Run Brewery

ABV: 16% 50 IBU Color: Dark Aroma: Coconut flakes, coffee, and nibs and alcohol.

Crooked Run Brewery (22455 Davis Dr #120, Sterling, VA 20164 Voice: (571) 375-2652 is the name of the game in Sterling’s Brewery Row. (Old Ox Brewing, Rocket Frog Brewing, Crooked Run Brewery, Ocelot Brewing, Mustang Sally Brewing , Solace Brewing and Beltway Brewing to name a few) and these breweries have earned a name for themselves. Among these breweries, the stout is point of the hierarchy and they regularly do battle with each other for the “King of the Hill.”

Vainglory is the latest candidate and it is pretty impressive. Having spent of year of its existence in whiskey bottles and flavored with coconut flakes, coffee and cocoa nibs, it is the 16% ABV that really floors you. It simply does not taste like it is that strong, but it is and that is why I am moved to nominate a new king. Any takers welcome to challenge the throne!

Vainglory by Crooked Run Brewery

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