The Art of Science and the Old Ox Brewing Company

OK, I admit it, I am a scientific enthusiast, or at least those are the guys and gals I root for in the movies. (Hey, I blew up plenty of stuff in my study of Political Science!) So, when someone advertises marrying up science and beer, you know I will be there.

This was the situation on Tuesday night.  After dropping off my sons at the Dulles Airport, Old Ox Brewing Company  was hosting The Science on Tap which is partnership between Loudoun County Library and the brewery. The presentation that evening was by Peter Wilcyznski who provide an overview of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD) to include updates in Planetary Science, Astrophysics, Heliophysics, Earth Science and NASA’s reimbursable program mission areas. He is a Program Executive in the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters.

Old Ox Brewing Company

The presentation was well received by the crowd of mostly scientists, engineers, science enthusiasts and science teachers. NASA has 46 program and project areas that they are either responsible for or they are the main source of the research.

Before the presentation got underway, I decided to grab a beer from Old Ox’s tasting room. I tried a Festivale Cherry Saison which has a ABV of 5.5% and 7 IBU. The beer had a pleasant cherry smell and it tasted of having a sour cherry base with a nice saison flavoring. It was a nice combination of the two.

Think I will go with the Festivale Cherry Saison…
…mmm that is good beer! ABV: 5.5% and 7 IBU.

The presentation ended, we had a few questions, and then we broke up. The room emptied pretty slowly so I made a quick exit and headed for the door.  It was a really a nice presentation that overcame the fact that my boys were gone and the house had the empty feeling upon my return.

You could at least see the tasting bar
The audience is waiting.


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