Fairfax Beer Garden presented by High Side Craft Brewery

The Fairfax Beer Garden was just the ticket to unleash the opening beer weekend of the post-school season.  Held on 24 June from 12pm to 6 pm, it was the idea of the High Side Craft Beer and a few of their local business partners in Fairfax City. The idea was to take just a basic weekend and turn it into a beerfest and they succeeded.

The craft beer business is taking a serious turn for the good and tastiness of its charge.  Fairfax City has been waiting for a fun event and good time that fell during the summer months when time is relaxed and school is out.  It proved to be just the ticket toward making that weekend just the spark to kick off the summer.

Boosted by the World Cup, the Beer Garden featured 12 beers from 6 breweries and eight brews from High Side (20 beers in all). Those from outside breweries included:

Ocelot Brewing (Home IPA and Ole Pilsner);

Old Bust Head Brewing Company (Manga Grafitti House IPA and Table Talk Belgian Wit);

Solace Brewery (2 Legit to Wit and Juice Head IPA);

Crooked Run Brewing (Without You and Cherry-Lime Double Vibes);

Old Ox Brewery (Hardway Lager and Hoppier Place); and

Fairwinds Brewing (Hells Navigator and All Hands Anniversary Barley Wine Ale).

They also had a corn hole tournament, music from Mobius Records and a charity event for Fairfax CASA.  In addition, there were 250 beer glasses that were provided to the event. Though the weather proved less than friendly, the crowd turned out. A good time was had by all.

Beer_Garden, Fairfax City,
Fairfax Beer Garden – 24 June 2018, 12-6pm
Beer Garden, Fairfax City
Fairfax Beer Garden – 24 June 2018 12-6pm
Fairfax Beer Garden – 24 June 2018 12-6pm
Fairfax Beer Garden – 24 June 2018 12-6pm

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